What Happens To The Rubbish We Collect (Blog)

What Happends To The Rubbish


“What happens to the rubbish you collect” This is question we are often asked here at Superior House Clearance. The short answer is we try and recycle as much of our waste collections as possible, because this helps to cut our disposal costs, making our services cheaper for you and of course us.

The waste disposal industry is highly regulated and operates within the very strong laws of the EEC and the UK authority, which means recycling, re-use or reclamation first. All waste must undergo recovery operations in accordance with the EU Waste Framework Directive.

We access each collection we make sorting it where necessary, then it is sent to our relevant partner, which specialises in that item. White good have to be decommissioned then separated, metal will be used again, possible in new white goods or even cars or trucks. Most garden waste goes for composting and many furniture items can be refurbished so usually are given the various charity organisations which helps to create employment.

Landfill today is very expensive, so we avoid this as much as we can, recycling is much better for all of us.

Superior House Clearance is fully licensed and approved by many government bodies, including the Environmental Agency; we fully abide by all rules and regulations issuing our customers with waste disposal notices at the end of each job.

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